Spotlight On: Nikki Knight Copy Editing

Aside from being the woman behind Forest of Dean Biz Women, I also have my own business which is where the journey to FOD Biz began. I offer a complete range of writing services for your small business; from proofreading or editing your own words; transcribing those all-important notes or video content; right through to copywriting., Nikki Knight Copy Editing has something for you.

I am based in Lydney, Gloucestershire but carry out all my work remotely, all client contact is carried out via Zoom, email, and the good old fashioned telephone. I offer a range of set price services to suit small business needs and can tailor packages for you based on your individual needs. For more bespoke projects, such as books I offer competitive rates and a free, no-obligation quote.

The very first thing we will address and the key to writing anything for your business is knowing who your ideal client or clients are, Once we have established this then the rest is easy. If you don’t know who your ideal client is then we can work that out together over Zoom and a cuppa. If you do know who your ideal client is then we can get straight on with your project.

I always like to make something very clear, I am not one of those snobby people who look down on others if they can’t spell. Not at all, the reason I got into the writing for the business side of things is that I know that business owners are the absolute experts in their fields. Sadly search engines are picky when it comes to spelling, I love to work with entrepreneurs who find the written word difficult and find that this can hinder their online presence. I get such a thrill from seeing them increase their customer base having worked with me.

There are a number of ways I can help you with your writing depending on your situation. If you want to get on with your writing by yourself then one of my ebook writing guides may be just what you need. If you need a little more assistance then the first thing we will do is have a free, no-obligation chat via Zoom to establish the best course of action for your writing. Next, we can either move onto one of my set price services such as newsletter, blog, or website proofreading; audio or handwritten transcription, or a press release pack. If a set price service is not suitable then we can look at a more bespoke package, perhaps you are writing a book or a course and it needs editing; or maybe you just don’t know where to start and need more than a little help to get your message out there with my copywriting. services.

If you need help honing the written communication of your business then head on over to my website to see the options available or get in touch ( to book a free Zoom Initial Consultation.

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