Hi, I’m Nikki and I am the founder of Forest of Dean Biz Women. FOD Biz Women came about because I had a desire to help small business owners. When I first started my own business, Nikki Knight Copy Editing, I had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t know how to find customers; I didn’t know how to use social media for my business; I didn’t know where to go to get support and advice and crucially I didn’t have the money to be able to invest in people who did know all this.

I discovered networking and a friend of mine arranged for me to attend the local branch of a national networking company. I was terrified and it was so formal, I felt so out of place and vowed to keep looking to find something more suitable for me. As I have young children I needed to find networking opportunities that were conducive to that, one child was in school so I needed to fit things around the school run and my youngest was still in nursery so ideally, I needed something that I could take him to without being judged. I found what I was searching for, but I had to travel to Bristol or Newport to take part. I joined in and it was wonderful, being surrounded by women who knew what they were talking about in business but also understood what it was like to juggle entrepreneurship with parenting was a breath of fresh air. Regular parenting groups were great for the parenting worries, but they weren’t the sort of place where you could get advice on the best app to design social media graphics or what expenses are tax-deductible! I knew what I had to do. I needed to bring that experience right here into the heart of the Forest, so Forest of Dean Biz Women was born!